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In case you are wondering, here is the false and misleading message from an anti-abortion group.

From: Family Institute of Connecticut 
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Subject: URGENT: CT Pregnancy Care Centers Under Attack in Hartford!

Call to Action URGENT: Email Hartford City Council NOW and Join FIC at Hartford City Hall on Nov. 20th to Say: Hands off CT Pregnancy Care Centers!The single biggest attack on the pro-life movement i
       Call to Action  
                        URGENT: Email Hartford City Council NOW and Join FIC at Hartford City Hall on Nov. 20th to Say: Hands off CT Pregnancy Care Centers!

                        The single biggest attack on the pro-life movement in Connecticut in the last 25 years has just been launched. And Family Institute of Connecticut needs your help to stop it. 

                        This Monday, November 20th, the Hartford City Council will hold a public hearing on an ordinance to limit the right of pregnancy care centers to serve mothers who may otherwise have an abortion. 

                        The Hartford Courant broke the story last week and quoted FIC executive director Peter Wolfgang in response. Read the story here. The ordinance itself appears to coerce the speech of pregnancy care centers, telling them what they are and are not allowed to say. See the ordinance here, beginning at page 65. See former FIC staffer Nicole Stacy's letter to Mayor Luke Bronin here.

                        Make no mistake. This is not just about one pregnancy care center in Hartford. The ordinance is written in such a way that it would affect any pregnancy care center in Hartford. And it won't stop with Hartford. Pro-abortionists are advertising their desire to do this in other Connecticut cities. 

                        The proposed Hartford ordinance, in that sense, affects all pregnancy care centers in Connecticut, their freedom of speech and their freedom of religion. The pro-abortionists real goal is to shut down all the pro-life pregnancy centers in Connecticut.

                        The ironies abound. The pro-abortionist claim that pregnancy care centers lie to women is itself a lie. The pro-abortionist claim to be not pro-abortion but merely "pro-choice" is exposed as a fraud by their attacks on centers that simply offer women another choice.

                        Either Connecticut's pro-life movement stands up and fights the lies of the pro-abortion movement now, in Hartford, or this ordinance will be just the beginning of a legal assault on every pregnancy resource center in our state. 

                        Especially now, with the U.S. Supreme Court having just announced that it will review a similar law from California and with many laws like the proposed Hartford ordinance being reversed in court, we need to tell Hartford that this is no time for a city that has teetered on the brink of bankruptcy to embark down a path of what may be costly litigation.  

                        Here are four things you can do to help defeat this attack on the right of pregnancy care centers to serve mothers in crisis:

                        1) Use our Grassroots Action Center to send an e-mail directly to the Hartford City Council members by clicking on the link at the bottom of this message. We have provided some basic points, but please either put the message in your own words or add a brief introduction and conclusion! Personalized messages have a much greater impact. Let Hartford's City Council members know that pregnancy care centers should be left alone to serve women in need.

                        2) Attend the Hartford City Council meeting at Hartford City Hall (550 Main Street) on Monday, Nov. 20th. FIC asks all pro-lifers to be there by 5:30 pm and to wear yellow. There is a public comment period from 6 pm to 7 pm where you can express to the City Council your opposition to the proposed ordinance. You don't have to be a Hartford resident to speak but you are limited to three minutes. The public hearing begins at 7 pm but only those directly affected by the ordinace are allowed to speak--and they have to call the City Council ahead of time and get the Council's permission. So the hour for public comment beginning at 6 pm is likely the only time most of us will be allowed to have our say. We need as big a turnout of pro-lifers as possible. Let the Hartford City Council know that there are more people who support the pregnancy care centers than there are people who want to attack them. 
                        3) Click here to donate to the Family Institute of Connecticut now, during our Year-End Challenge Campaign. FIC has been on the front lines all year long, fighting back against the unholy rage of our state's pro-abortionists. Your support allows us to continue to be your voice for the sanctity of unborn human life.
                        4) Forward this message to every pro-lifer you know. Also, AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, share this message on Facebook and Twitter. More than any other email blast we have sent in years, we need this one to go viral.  
                        Thank you for making your voice heard in the fight to protect Connecticut's pregnancy resource centers. Click on the link below to contact the Hartford City Council and ask them to vote NO on the proposed ordinance.

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