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Subject: Breaking News! CPC Ordinance in Hartford

Mayor Bronin and Hartford City Council are taking action for reproductive rights! 
                        Dear Cary,

                        Last night Hartford City Council took an important step in moving forward an ordinance proposed by Mayor Luke Bronin to ensure that patients seeking reproductive healthcare are not deceived by fake clinics. The council voted to refer the ordinance to a public hearing next week, the first piece of moving this important issue forward. 

                        This ordinance addresses crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), fake clinics that try to look like real reproductive healthcare clinics. This year, a CPC called St. Gerard's Center for Life moved two arm lengths away from Hartford GYN Center, the last independent abortion clinic in our state, and has been trying to mislead women seeking care at the real clinic. It has even gone so far as to rename itself "Hartford Women's Center." Now patients trying to find their appointments at Hartford GYN are accidentally walking into a CPC, and are then being told that they are "in the right place."

                        The proposed ordinance will prohibit crisis pregnancy centers from disseminating false, misleading, or deceptive information about the services they provide, and from deceiving women into thinking that they provide specific services, like abortion, when they don’t. It will not impinge upon free speech or try to shut CPCs down. The ordinance is intended simply to fight against deceptive practices. 

                        Four people spoke in favor of the ordinance during public comments at the council meeting last night, with others mentioning their support. No one spoke against it. We are thrilled to see such strong support for reproductive healthcare access from Mayor Bronin, Hartford City Council, and community members.

                        Learn more about the ordinance in our press release.

                        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. It is because of members like you that we have been able to partner with Hartford GYN to take action on this issue. 


                        Sarah Croucher

                        Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut

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