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Dear list members,

Kim Hynes, our February 2013 speaker representing Common Cause, has just 
sent this letter asking us to consider the legislation described below.  The 
Humanist Association of Connecticut has no position on this issue, but I'm 
passing the letter along to you for your information, so you can do whatever 
you think is best.

June Schafer

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Subject: Your Voice, Your Vote

Hi Guys - the National Popular Vote bill is getting closer to passing.  We 
are doing pretty well in the Senate, but Brendan Sharkey (Speaker of the 
House, represents Hamden) is on the fence about it.  Would you consider 
forwarding the email below to your members and asking them to call him?  He 
can be reached at (860) 240-8500.

Thank you so much!


Common Cause Connecticut Activist,

The right to vote, and to have one's vote accurately and fairly counted, is 
as fundamental a right as we have in this country -- and in Connecticut, we 
have a great tradition of advancing and protecting it.

This year we have a chance to ensure that votes cast for President in 
Connecticut count just as much as votes in every other state. Let's seize 

The National Popular Vote bill, now pending in the state legislature, would 
put all fifty states in play in presidential races. It would guarantee that 
the candidate who receives the most votes on Election Day is the candidate 
sworn in as President on Inauguration Day.

Please call your legislator and legislative leadership and ask them to 
support Senate Bill 432, the National Popular Vote Compact.
The Electoral College now works to magnify the importance of a handful of 
"swing' states in presidential campaigns. States participating in the 
National Popular Vote Compact agree to cast their electoral votes for the 
candidate who receives a majority of the national popular vote. The Compact 
will take effect when it's adopted by states with a total of 270 electoral 
votes, a majority.

That is the way it should be. Presidents should have all 50 states in 
mind -- not just the "swing" states -- as they contemplate the critical work 
of representing the entire country.

This is much more than just an issue for civics class. Long after the 
election for President is over, politics continue to influence policy, and 
the fact is that more policy attention and federal dollars go to swing 

We need your help now to make sure that the National Popular Vote bill is 
called for a vote before the 2013 Legislative Session ends on June 5. Common 
Cause in Connecticut works hard to make sure that every voice is heard and 
that every vote counts. We fight against voter suppression and support 
enhanced opportunities for voter participation. We have more work to do and 
with your help we can make sure that this goal is achieved.

Please take a moment to call now and demand that all votes count equally!
Thanks for all your hard work,

Cheri Quickmire
and the rest of the team at Common Cause in Connecticut


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Common Cause is a national nonpartisan organization with chapters in 35 
states. Our mailing address is 1133 19th Street NW, 9th Floor, Washington, 
DC 20036. Our phone number is (202) 833-1200.

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