[Hac-announce] Jamie Lee Jones lost her lawsuit against KBR (Haliburton)

Dan Blinn danblinn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 08:40:46 EST 2012

One of the four stories discussed in "Hot Coffee" was Jamie Lee Jone's
efforts to bring her lawsuit against KBR in court rather than in secret
arbitration.  I did some checking and learned that that my supposition that
she had settled the case was wrong.  Jones went to trial - - and lost.
  Stephanie Mencimer, one of the journalists interviewed in the film, wrote
an article about the case in Mother Jones

While it appears that Ms. Jones may have exaggerated some of her claims and
undermined her credibility in the process,  I don't think that alters the
underlying question of whether she should be compelled to have her claims
heard in secret arbitration.  I'll be interested in the reaction of others
who saw the film.

Dan Blinn
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