About Us

Who We Are

The Humanist Association of Connecticut (HAC) is an organization for humanists, atheists and freethinkers in the South and Central Connecticut areas, and is based in the Hamden/New Haven area. Members come from as far afield as Hartford, Litchfield, and lower Fairfield counties. Members have diverse social, religious, and political backgrounds.

We are a chapter of the American Humanist Association and a local group of the Unitarian-Universalist Humanists, and a charter member of the Connecticut Coalition of Reason.

We have strong ties with local and national organizations including:

What We Do

HAC provides a community for Humanists in Connecticut through regular meetings and social events. (At one point we were the only general humanist organization in the state, but now there are several others.)

What’s a Humanist?

The American Humanist Association has several definitions, which can be found here. You should also look at Humanist Manifesto III: Humanism and its Aspirations.


HAC was founded in 1989 at the Unitarian Society of New Haven (USNH), which remains the location of many of our meetings.

Jean Kotkin of the Humanist Institute was the speaker at both our inaugural and our Tenth Anniversary meetings.


Humanists like to celebrate major life events, just like everyone else. Go to the Humanist Society web site to find a humanist celebrant.