[Hac-announce] Book Discussion Reminder- tomorrow, IN-PERSON, not online

Carol Ritter critter80 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 14 22:02:49 EDT 2020

Saturday, August 15, 2020
2:30 PM to 4:30 PM EDT

Town Center Park

2761 Dixwell Ave · Hamden, CT

How to find us

Location: Town Center Park, Hamden.  The park extends from the south boundary of the Hamden Main Library, 2901 Dixwell Ave, Hamden. Park at the library, south end. You'll see the large barn that is in the park. Meet there and we will find a nicely shaded spot.


Our book for August is "Elmer Gantry" by Nobel Prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis.

Note: As the weather should be excellent for an outside event, we will be meeting in person rather than via Zoom. See location above.

We will sit outside - socially distanced. You should bring:
- A chair
- Water (or any other beverage you wish to bring) and snacks

Restrooms (port-o-potties - they were well-cleaned when we checked this location out last month) are in the (library) parking lot.

>From Amazon:
Universally recognized as a landmark in American literature, "Elmer Gantry" scandalized readers when it was first published, causing Sinclair Lewis to be “invited” to a jail cell in New Hampshire and to his own lynching in Virginia. His portrait of a golden-tongued evangelist who rises to power within his church—a saver of souls who lives a life of duplicity, sensuality, and ruthless self-indulgence—is also the record of a period, a reign of grotesque vulgarity, which but for Lewis would have left no trace of itself. "Elmer Gantry" has been called the greatest, most vital, and most penetrating study of hypocrisy that has been written since the works of Voltaire.

“[Sinclair Lewis’s] satiric indictment of fundamentalist religion that caused an uproar upon its publication in 1927. The title character of Elmer Gantry starts out as a greedy, shallow, philandering Baptist minister, turns to evangelism, and eventually becomes the leader of a large Methodist congregation. Throughout the novel Gantry encounters fellow religious hypocrites [and although] he is often exposed as a fraud, Gantry is never fully discredited. – The Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature

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