[Hac-announce] December 2018 Book Discussion: "The Rise and Fall of Adam & Eve" by Stephen Greenblatt

Paula Jones or Kevin Gough kvngough at aol.com
Thu Nov 29 10:36:32 EST 2018

Our book for December is The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve by Stephen Greenblatt (author of The Swerve, which was a previous selection for the group). The discussion will take place Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 2 pm in the library of the Unitarian Society of New Haven at 700 Hartford Turnpike, Hamden. From Amazon:
…Greenblatt uncoversthe tremendous theological, artistic, and cultural investment over centuriesthat made these fictional figures so profoundly resonant in the Jewish,Christian, and Muslim worlds and, finally, so very “real” to millions of peopleeven in the present…[He] explores the intensely personal engagement ofAugustine, Dürer, and Milton in this mammoth project of collective creation,while he also limns the diversity of the story’s offspring: rich allegory,vicious misogyny, deep moral insight, and some of the greatest triumphs of artand literature.

The biblical origin story, Greenblatt argues, is a model forwhat the humanities still have to offer: not the scientific nature of things,but rather a deep encounter with problems that have gripped our species for aslong as we can recall and that continue to fascinate and trouble us today.

“[A]lmost dizzying in its scope; Greenblatt draws fromhistory, religion, art and science, and he writes about all of these fieldswith infectious enthusiasm. It's a strikingly intelligent book, but it's alsoaccessible; he's a clear, unpretentious writer who can hardly hide hisfascination with the subject.”– Michael Schaub, NPR Books
  Light snacks will be served.                             
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