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*ALICE: More than 1/3 of CT Households Struggle to Get By*

*A Message from Richard Porth** President/CEO of United Way of Connecticut*

In Connecticut, 25% of all households have earnings above the federal
poverty level but below a basic cost of living threshold defined in the
United Way ALICE Report. Together with the 10% of households below the
poverty level, 35% of all Connecticut households are struggling to make
ends meet.

ALICE -- a United Way acronym for *A*sset *L*imited, *I*ncome *C*onstrained,
and *E*mployed -- is an often overlooked population comprised of men and
women of all ages and races who work hard, but still face financial

ALICE lives in every Connecticut community, and may be our neighbors,
friends, co-workers or relatives.  We all know and depend on ALICE, and
together we can make a difference for ALICE families in our community.

Here are some ways to GIVE. ADVOCATE and VOLUNTEER for ALICE:

   - *GIVE* - This Giving Tuesday (December 2nd), add ALICE to your holiday
   shopping list.  Click here to learn more
   - *ADVOCATE* - Talk to your friends, family members and community
   leaders about ALICE. Let them know that success and security for ALICE is
   critical to ensuring that our communities thrive.
   - *VOLUNTEER* - Visit volunteerct.org
   to be connected with volunteer opportunities in your community, and make a
   difference for ALICE families.

You can learn more about ALICE in Connecticut and read the full report at
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