[Hac-announce] August 1 - WNPR's Where We Live

Dan Blinn danblinn at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 09:53:17 EDT 2012

I had previously announced that Susan Campbell was working on a story about
humanism in Connecticut and that she was expected at our last monthly
meeting to do some interviews and record background ambient noise.  The
reason that she did not come was because WNPR decided to do a live show
rather than a short, pre-recorded segment.  I have been invited to the
studio to be interviewed live.  They have also invited Dan Xenatro of CT
Valley Atheists.

The program will be broadcast live on Wed, August 1 at 9:00 am.  You can
listen on WNPR or stream it live at http://www.cpbn.org/listen-live    It
will also be possible to listen from the website after the show; I will
circulate a link once it is up.

I hope that some of our members will phone into the program and express
their views of how Humanism impacts their lives.  Susan Campbell told me
that her producer wanted to add someone from CVA in order to provide a
contrast to our message.  I think that she has a very good understanding of
how humanism differs from atheism, and she has promised to give me ample
opportunity to make that distinction.  It will be helpful if some of us
call in to help reinforce it.

It is humbling to be chosen to speak on behalf of our group, particularly
when there are others whose involvement with humanism runs so much longer
and deeper than my own.  I discussed the invitation with June and David,
and they have encouraged me to participate.  I look forward to having the
opportunity to portray humanism in a favorable light, and I hope that I
will represent all of us well.

Dan Blinn
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