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Dan Blinn danblinn at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 07:39:04 EDT 2012

Susan Campbell, who was recently our guest speaker at the Glastonbury
dinner, has taken quite an interest in our group.  For the benefit of those
who may not be familiar with her background, Susan was until recently the
Hartford Courant's most popular columnist.  She has a degree from the
Hartford Seminary and she wrote a book (Dating Jesus) about how she grew up
in a fundamentalist community in the Ozarks in Southern Missouri and how
she parted ways with that community because of the conflict between her
faith and her feminism.   She is now a liberal Protestant whose beliefs are
more in synch with ours than her former fundamentalist brethren.  Many of
her columns in the Courant dealt with religious themes.

Susan now works for WNPR and is an occasional substitute for John Dankosky,
the host of the popular public radio show "Where We Live."  After meeting
us several weeks ago, she began work on a piece about humanists building
community.  When I last spoke with her, she was optimistic that the program
was going to be green-lighted for an entire show (she had originally
intended to do just a short segment).  I have complete confidence that she
intends to portray us in a very positive light.

I am letting everyone know this for two reasons.  First, this is pretty
exciting news that we wanted to share with you.  The second reason is that
everyone planning to come to our meeting on Monday should be aware that
Susan will probably be in attendance.  She will be recording "ambient
noise" , and she will probably want to interview some of our members.  I
have alerted her that some of us may not want to be publicly identified as
humanists and asked her not to use anyone's name or voice without her
permission.  Obviously, if you do not wish to speak with her, you have no
obligation to do so.

I look forward to seeing many of you at today's book discussion and at the
meeting on Monday -

Dan Blinn
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